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Cisco Unified Communication Deployment

Have you been communicating well?
Know your communication needs and wring the Maximum Return Out of Your Investments in Telephony.

Managing daily corporate communication challenges and existence of multiple most favored end point devices can be frustrating and time-consuming, depriving you of precious time to focus on what is important. Opting to outsource the management of your entire communication technology environment – or parts thereof – to a trusted service provider is a smart alternative.

At Consulting Node, the Managed UC services is all about helping you to wring the maximum return out of your investments in Cisco Unified Communication Deployment. With a proven track record and a comprehensive suite of managed services offerings, Consulting Node is ideally-positioned to assume responsibility for the deployment and management of your communication technology needs to better support your businesses.

Our managed services offerings are expressly designed to align to our clients’ need for a high degree of flexibility in the way they communicate internally and externally.

Our flexible Cisco Unified Communication deployment model mean you would have a streamlined and integrated communication more intrinsic and closer with your business processes. Should you wish, you can select from our comprehensive suite of standard, pre-architected managed services, which are based on preset parameters, but can be fine-tuned to meet your unique needs. These standard managed services are ideal if you’ve set your sights on expediting your time to changeover, are looking for proven delivery, and in some cases, price discounts.

In the event that you require solutions tailored to your individual needs, for example, in situations where specific expertise is required, the solution is highly specialized or there is a unique need / urgency around the requirement, we will partner with you to deliver personalized managed solutions aimed at achieving measurable business results for your long-term competitive advantage.

If you are looking to transfer complete responsibility of the deployment and management of your communication needs and future requirements, Consulting Node offers Unified communication Management Services which typically include the transfer of both people and assets to our organization.

Our managed services expertise spans a broad range of technology domains, including Cisco UC Deployment Cisco UC Customized Enterprise Business Applications, Integration with iOS devices and Converged Communications.

Cisco UC Managed Services

  • Communication Devices and Apps Proliferating – 6.4 type of devices
  • Unable to Reach Co Worker on First try – Daily 36%
  • Results in Delay and Missed Deadlines – Monthly 22%
  • Employees Increasingly Mobile – 27% travelling x 1 months Avg.
  • Have to use Multiple Methods of reaching coworkers – Daily 52%

At Consulting Node, we have a passion for Converged Communication services and a belief in its ability to shape your future business landscape and accelerate business growth. We also believe that in today’s business environment, change is the only constant and every enterprise is unique in nature. We understand that you have varying communication and integration requirements and that you are looking for partners that are flexible enough to adapt as your business objectives evolves and change. For instance, given the current economic downturn, you need to ensure that quality Communication services are delivered in the most efficient manner in the present, but you are also likely mindful of the need to build service models that can adapt quickly in any future growth cycles which may present opportunities for business agility and new revenue streams.

In response to these needs, we’ve continued to invest in our services offerings and capabilities to provide the utmost flexibility to our clients. Through our Application Development Services Continuum, we have the ability to provide you bespoke business application development and managed services solutions that are very specific to your own requirements and directed towards specific goals and achievements envisaged by you.

Our team not only helps you identify the key areas of communication deficiency within your organization and provide bespoke applications but also provide long terms support to address your requirements for enhancement, growth and innovation in the future. Our continued investment and focus in our application development services is bearing fruit – over the past few years the company’s services arm has seen exponential growth. In 2008, the company reported a 19% year-on-year growth rate in its services business and today, services represents an impressive 35% of the Company’s total revenues.

With a 100% local US presence and a proven capability for delivering world class customized business application services designed to support your business and specific requirements, you can trust us to keep you on the sharp end of information and communication technology for competitive advantage. You do business while we supply Converged Communication services.

Whether your Communication Network enables mission critical business transactions, is a means to keep operations connected to data and applications, or is a platform for communications across locations and departments, you need it customized, supported and managed. And as you take further advantage of Converged Communication technology trends such as consolidation, centralization, virtualization, presence, voice and visual communications, your Communication Network availability will begin to dictate your business availability.